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Rope Light

* 1/2" Diameter Rope light with 2-Wire Steady Burn blue LEDs

* 220V

* Beam Angle:25 degree

* Customer Cut

* Available in 3-Wire

LED Rope Light With 2-Wire Steady Burn Blue

  • 110/120 volt
  • Color Temperature:
  • Luminous Intensity: 18000-20000 mcd
  • Beam Angle: 25°
  • Clear Outer Tubing
  • 18bulbs/M, 20bulbs/M, 23bulbs/M, 25bulbs/M, 30bulbs/M.
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Energy Efficient - Only consumes 0.8 watts per foot
  • Cuttable every 39" or every 79".
  • Maximum operating length of 600'
  • Lifespan of 100,000 hours
  • Temperature Rating of -60°F - 220°F

    Available LED colors: Red, Green, Blue, White, Warm white, Blue, Yellow, 3 Multi. Available Tube: Round 2-Wire, Round 3-Wire, Square 3-Wire, Square 4-Wire, Square 5-Wire


Our product ranges from tranditional incandescent mini lights to LED based holiday lights including 5mm conical lights, commercial LED C3, LED C6, LED C7, LED C9, LED G12 lights. Retrofit LED bulbs and commercial C7, C9 bulk reel light strand are also our popular items. This year we also begin our new line of LED ROPE LIGHT.


Rope Light

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