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LED Icicle and Curtain Light

1) Bulbs amount :100Bulbs string light/christmas light
2) Voltage: 12V,24V,110V,220V
3) Certification: GS CSA UL CE ROHS

LED Icicle and Curtain Light

.Buibs amount :100Bulbs string light/christmas light

2.Voltage: 12V,24V,110V,220V

3.Certification: GS CSA UL CE ROHS

4.Leneral: 10M

5.Light Spacing: 5cm or 10cm

6.wire Color: white,green,black,trawberry wires,rubber wire.

7.Bulb Color: white,red,green,blue,yellow

8.Shaped: snow,flake,pinecone,etc

9.Remarks:Different series of light space and lenth according to your requests.

LED Icicle and Curtain Light

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