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LED Copper Wire String Light

1.Very thin Varnished copper strand
2. Super bright light
3. Much cheaper than normal lights

LED Copper Wire String Light

LED Copper wire mini string light is a new developed products based on the advantage of LED.

It not only has all the strong points of normal LED string light, but it also owns many new characteristics such as being lighter, thinner and waterproof.  It can be used in much wider range including trees, flower,gift box and toy decoration. Its twistable function brings it another majoy function of creating various shapes.


LED colors: red, yellow, green, blue, pink, white, warm white and multi.

Shapes: Star, heart, snowflake and trees ect.

Bulb space: 5.4M, 10CM, 12.5cm

Dia of wire: 1.0-2.5mm

LED qty: 10-100 pcs

Vanished copper wire color: copper, silver, green, red, yellow, blue

Voltage: 3V-12V

Character: Twistable, thiner, lighter and waterproof.

LED Copper Wire String Light

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