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Conical LED String Light

1) 50L, Multi-color;
2) 1-Piece Construction, weather resistant;
3) End-to-end;
4) UL, CSA, GS

Conical LED String Light



1. Lighgts: 50x5mm Conical LEDs 

2. Multi Color: Blue, green, yellow, orange, red.

3. Spacing: 4x4x4".

4. End-to-end Connector.

5. Construcion: 1-Piece.

6. Outdoor & Indoor Used.

7. Full wave retified.

8. Steady Light.

9. Energy saving LEDs.

10. Unbreakable(No glass), cool to touch.

11. Rated 0.02A, 2.4 WATTS.

12. Connect up to 210 watts.

13. Average running time: 50000 hours.

14. UL, CSA, GS, CE, ROHS are available.

15. Packing: Polybag, white box, color box, as per customer's request.


Product Range:

1. Mini Incandescent Lights

2. LED string lights including C3, C6, C7,C9, G12 string lights, available with 1-piece moulding constrution and 2-piece construction choices.

3. Custom String Lights. A wide variety of light covers/shades/husk.

4. Motif lights.

5. Rope lights: Round 2-Wire, 3-Wire, Square 2-Wire, 3-Wire, 4-Wire. All Custom Cut.

6. Retrofic Light Bulbs.

7. Commercial String Lights including Bulk Reel Strands.

8. Christmas lights, Halloween Lights, Easter Lights, Valentine Lights, Event Lights, Party Lights, Vegetable Lights, Animal Lights, Fruit Lights, Flower Lights ect.

Conical LED String Light

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