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Energy saving lamp used triphosphor rare earth fluorescence power, Ra index ≥ 80, Starting temperature can be as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius, Low power consumption, long-life hours, average lifetime: 6000hrs/8000hrs/10000hrs/12000hrs, No noise, fast starting, no stroboscopic, eye-care


There is a saying "every life depends on the sun", no sunshine, no life. Basically, for plants to develop it need to undergo photosynthesis to yield crops, through contact it creates a reaction, and daylight finishes the process is done. So to facilitate plant growing effect through artificial lamp is to base the sunlight’s specific spectrum and absorption wavelength. After using this lamp, the emitted spectrum and the plants’ absorption spectrum are equally matched; accordingly, reached the organics’ light growth effect perfectly; also, there are other light sources: fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, etc., aim at the eyes visual effect and design of light source adapted to people’s need. Experiments and test proves: the human eyes region of light sensitivity and the plants light absorption spectrum have essential differences. For example, the eyes is most sensitive to green spectrum, and the plant basically don’t absorb green spectrum of lights, so to apply illumination suitable for human use and suitable for plants growth, the light’s efficacy at once become very low.

Every plants in the north’s green houses because in winter the sunlight is short and also the clouds, rain, fog, etc., makes the weather cause serious lack of sunlight, and the south, the greenhouse plants, for cloud and rain season are widely apart, longer periods of rain will lack sunshine, resulting for abnormal plant development. Plant growing lamp can be substituted for this purpose, it is suitable for each stages in the plant growths, can make the leaves fresh and plump, develop roots, good growth, improved resistance and immune system, promoting plant maturity, increase productivity, and improve crops quality. Also, can inhibit the growth and reproduction of pests and worms’ ovum, reducing consumption of pesticide, lightening the pollution in the environment, and contributing to the present ‘green’ trend.

Model Wattage Lamp Base Average Wave Dimensions (L1/L2/D1)mm Packaging In/out. pcs
HS-Y13W 13W E27/B22 610 126X59X42 60
HS-G15W 15W E27/B22 540 126X59X42 60
HS-B18W 18W E27/B22 445 126X59X42 60

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