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Energy saving LED solar lamp using flexible amorphous silicon solar modules, service life is more than 15 years, Solar module power: 13.5W+15%, Source: International Brand high power, high brightness LED, Color Temperature: 3000K~5500K, power: 3~5W, Batteries: Solar-specific colloidal lead-acid 6V/42AH; Wind strength: 27m/s (10 gale)


1. Solar panels: Flexible Amorphous silicon solar modules Life time is more than 15 years
2. Batteries: Solar-specific colloidal lead-acid 6V/42AH
3. Light source: International Brand high power, high brightness LED, Color Temperature: 3000K~5500K, Power: 3~5W
4. Controller: Solar Garden lamp dedicated controller, remote control, light control, time control, anti-overcharge, anti-over-discharge, anti-short-circuit, LED drive, integrated design, Protection level: IP65
5. Poles: All aluminum alloy materials. Full-mold-type material, the surface of fluorocarbon spray and anodized, anti-salt, anti-acid
6. Working Temperature: -20°C ~ +60°C
7. Ground application: Lamp Height: 3.7m. Vertical illuminance 9~14Lx
8. Wind Strength: 27m/S (10 gale)
9. Intelligent remote control: Read / Set switch light time, the primary light intensity, the main light works; read batteries, solar cell voltage, current; body response dimmer; remote control switch on the light.
10. Working Hours: Light controlled automatic switch lights, turn on the lights full bright for 4 hours, half-light, until the dawn, it can work continuously for 5~7 rainy days


1. Modeling advantage: Discarded glass encapsulated solar panel, using ultra-thin amorphous silicon to form the flexible solar panels and lighting design integration, to ensure that the landscape effects.
2. Uniformity advantage: Direction and angle of the sun do not expect to maximize the overall project to ensure the appearance and uniformity.
3. High durability advantage: no glass solar panels, not to fear of typhoon and hail, not afraid of breaking, long service life.
4. Strong crepuscular advantage: flexible three-tiered module of amorphous silicon solar cells with single crystal silicon, polycrystalline silicon solar power and other traditional products do not have excellent photosensitive consecutive rainy days and adaptable.
5. No heat island effect advantages: solar panels guano and dirt do not lead to short-circuit and damage.
6. Intelligent Advantage: Advanced Intelligent Optical flu control chips, darkness automatically lighting, dawn automatically extinguished a few hours after the lights automatically be converted to half-power job, reducing light pollution, humanity.

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